Go is a great strategic game, similar to chess and extremely popular in Korea, China and Japan. It has had two golden eras in the western world: the anime Hikaru no go and more recently the crowning of AlphaZero as the first AI to reach super-human level.

I list below the go resources I enjoy the most.


To play the normal (19x19) game, I use OGS and Tygem. OGS is friendlier to use but Tygem has a larger player pool (and a lot more strong players). For 9x9, GoQuest has a game ready in seconds.


I use mainly Tsumego Pro, even though the problems are badly ranked. From time to time I also use the collections gathered by tasuki. They contain only problems, not solutions, which makes them both frustrating at times and very rewarding. Last but not least, goproblems.com has a huge database of problems that is collaboratively extended and curated.


Apart from playing mindfully (which is by far the fastest and most efficient way to improve), the ways to learn I enjoyed the most were:

  • getting reviews from stronger players both online and in local clubs
  • learning from Inseong Hwang at the European Yunguseng Dojo
  • reviewing my own games with Leela Zero, using Lizzie as an interface

A friend of mine also started :fr: Art du Go, a great website to discover the fundamental concepts of Go if you understand French.