Go is a great strategic game, similar to chess and extremely popular in Korea, China and Japan. It has had two golden eras in the western world: the anime Hikaru no go and more recently the crowning of AlphaZero as the first AI to reach super-human level.

I list below the go resources I enjoy the most.


To play the normal (19x19) game, I use OGS and Tygem. OGS is friendlier to use but Tygem has a larger player pool (and a lot more strong players). For 9x9, GoQuest has a game ready in seconds.


I use mainly Tsumego Pro, even though the problems are badly ranked. From time to time I also use the collections gathered by tasuki. They contain only problems, not solutions, which makes them both frustrating at times and very rewarding. If you don’t mind the Chinese interface, 101weiqi is a blast: it has many problems and they are very well ranked. Last but not least, goproblems.com has a huge database of problems that is collaboratively extended and curated.


Apart from playing mindfully (which is by far the fastest and most efficient way to improve), the ways to learn I enjoyed the most were:

  • getting reviews from stronger players both online and in local clubs
  • learning from a strong teacher, such as Inseong Hwang at the European Yunguseng Dojo
  • reviewing my own games with KataGo, using Sabaki as an interface

A friend of mine also started :fr: Art du Go, a great website to discover the fundamental concepts of Go if you understand French.